18 July 2016

This Blog Has Moved!

Hi everyone,

I have been busy behind the scenes for the past few months preparing the move of this blog. I would love it if you would come and join me on my new blog, Brown Girl Decor Blog. Just click on the image above to go there.



12 December 2015

How To Colour Bottle Brush Trees [DIY Video]

Today I have another easy DIY video for you. It's kinda hard to find these cute little bottle brush trees in another colour than green here in The Netherlands. So I decided to look into ways to do it myself. It turns out it's a pretty simple processes. In this video I show you how to colour bottle brush trees without using ink.

Bottle brush trees 
Acrylic paints
Food colouring
Bowls (not plastic)
Artificial snow
Pair of Tongs

I got my bottle brush trees at Action. I have seen them also at different garden centres. When using acrylic paints make sure to water the paint down a little before painting your trees with a small paintbrush. That makes for a more even coat.

Till next time