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17 November 2014

We Are Tearing It Up

Nothing like a sunny day and heavy machinery to welcome the new week. Today we started the rebuild of our shed. Of course there had to be some demolition first.

Next week the foundation for the new shed will be poured and after that it's time for the wooden chalet to be build. After some investigating and being bowled over by some of the quotes we settled on a wooden chalet. The chalet option was the most economical way to go for us.

We are not really hard core DIY-ers so we knew we wanted to bring in the professionals for most of the work. Sometimes it's totally worth paying for the comfort. You see the guy in the picture above? Well that's the hubster. He took a day of work to be here and handle all the demolition business. Thank goodness for that.

If you're looking for me I will be on Pinterest the rest of the day gathering inspiration for the fun stuff. Getting the inside all nice and pretty.

Images: taken with my phone

Till next time friends,

28 October 2014

StoryTiles By Marga Van Oers

Mixing vintage with new design has been a trend in interior decorations and design for a long time. I love discovering new ways of bringing vintage or vintage inspired pieces into the home. If you are like me you  will definitely enjoy the products by StoryTiles. StoryTiles are miniature stories on traditional Dutch tiles called whites (witjes). These traditional tiles have been produced virtually in the same way since the 16th century.

13 October 2014

How To Make Custom Stamped Curtains [IKEA Hack]

So after almost 2 years the little one has curtains up in his room. Yay for mommy! Dont worry we had blackout roller blinds up in his room all this time. I wanted to do an IKEA hack for a while and this was the perfect ocasion.

9 October 2014

My First Meet The Blogger Amsterdam 2014 [Part 2]

So if you tuned in for my lovely pics of the Meet The Blogger conference I have to disappoint you. I'm sorry guys. I was really busy soaking up every moment of the conference that I didn't want to stop to take pictures.

We had a full schedule for the day with lots to see, do and experience. There was lovely food and very interesting speeches. The keynote speeches by Daniel Costa and Chloe Sos from Trend Union By Lidewij Edelkoort was just wonderful. It made me think about the world of design in a totally new way. If you are into design or want to get in to it check out their platform Trend Tablet it's totally inspirational. There was also a q&a session with Katie Searle-Williams co-founder of Kinfolk magazine. The pop up market with 15 exibitioners was a great addition to the congres.

Breakfast by sponsor Alpro | Q&A with Katie Searl-Williams

Desiree from Vosgesparis | Basishome at the ppop up market

Goodie bag love 

I truly loved every minute of the conference. So much so that I didn't want it to end. The atmosphere of sharing is one of the things I loved so much about meeting my blogging tribe in person. I met some wonderful people and we will be meeting again soon. It's good to step away from the computer.

Till next time.