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18 August 2014

Kids Room Styling

Hi friends, 

During the summer we did a bunch of little odd jobs around the house. Putting some shelves up in RJ's  room was one of those jobs. I was looking for fun shelving ideas for the wall space above where he has his little desk for a long time. A few months ago I found these cool cubes at Xenos. They come in many different sizes and colours (only on the inside) and they had colours that worked for the room so I grabbed these three. They are exactly what I was looking for and they are nice and cheap too. I don't think I spend more than 15 Euros on them.

15 August 2014

DIY Instagram Photo Display

Hi there friends,

I wanted to do a project like this for ages and just now got around to actually doing it. We are on our last few days of the school brake here and the summer has left us in the cold. So I thought I would hang on to summer by using a very flowery fabric for this project.

13 August 2014

Where Have I Been?

Hi lovely followers,

I've been m.i.a. for a bit around here. I have missed you and blogging. I've tried to write this post a few times before but then didn't. Now I'm ready to fill you in on what's been going on with me. So just for today no diy or lovely finds from me. Feel free to stop reading and tune in on Friday for a fun diy post.

7 August 2014

What's New IKEA?

Hello friends,

I know it has been a while. I have lots to tell you about why I've been MIA form blogging these past months. I will reserve that for another probably longer post later this week. I need to share with you some gorgeousness that's coming your way from the folks over at IKEA this fall. I'm still waiting for my catalogue to fall on the mat but in the meantime I'm grateful to Poppytalk for feeding my blue and yellow addiction with these pictures.

A week or so ago I read this post over at Poppytalk and knew I wanted to share it with you. Please visit Poppytalk for the full story. Here are my favourite images from the 2015 IKEA catalogue so far.